This Woman Regrets After Getting Over 30 Plastic Surgeries For Her Boyfriend.

After going under the knife more than 30 times, one 22-year-old woman from Hong Kong has finally realized that she was trying to change her looks for all the wrong reasons.

According to recent videos released by Berry Ng, China Press reports why she did so many plastic surgery procedures and how much she regrets starting the first one. Apparently, she first started fixing her face when she was just 17 years old because she envied those models but based on her old photos, she already looks gorgeous.

She said that she saw a beauty center offering discounted “student packages” where you only needed to pay HKD799 (almost P5,000) for three injections. Hoping to look more like her favorite celebrities, Berry went in and ended up paying more than HKD17,000 (almost P100,000). From then on, she became addicted to plastic surgery.

However, her habit was taken to a completely different level when she started dating an older man when she was 21. Berry says that her ex-boyfriend would frequently criticize her looks, comparing her with other women. With her self-esteem at rock bottom, she started to go on a plastic surgery spree. Over the next six months, she changed everything about her face — her forehead, lips, eyelids, nose — leaving her looking like a completely different person.

After she had done all these procedures, her boyfriend was still not satisfied with her. Berry said that whenever they would have s*x, he would be partially focused on a p*rn video he had put on the background starring women with large breasts.

Berry decided to go to her parents for money for a breast job. But, afterward, her boyfriend claimed that he had not asked her to do it. That was the breaking point for Berry, she finally realized what a fool she had been and broke up with him.

Afterward, she finally managed to put a stop to her plastic surgery addiction and put up warning videos where she talked about her experience. After this, Berry said that many girls messaged her and said that they were suffering the same problem too as their boyfriends or partners would often find fault with their looks.

She says that she wishes she could go back to the way she looked before all of this but feels she’s already gone under the knife enough for one lifetime and says there’s no going back. ” I may have a very fake face, but I have a more true heart than most, she said.

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